Ormiston Meridian Academy

Homework Strategy

As part of our overall strategy to accelerate student progress, we have reviewed our system of homework. You will still see examples of traditional homework which may involve:

  • Completion of work
  • Consolidation of learning
  • Practice tests and revision

In addition we aim to provide opportunities for students to be prepared for future lessons by having already done some reading or research around a topic yet to be studied. This preparation will enable them to already have an insight into what will be studied and aid progress.

Homework Policy


To ensure that learning in the classroom is supported by purposeful, meaningful and planned homework which builds on, consolidates or prepares students fo the next phase of their learning.


Half termly homework is visible in advance on the academy website to all stakeholders especially students, parents and carers. Students are issued with planned, differentiated and regular homework assignments which have a clear purpose. The purpose is clearly explained and students are provided with instructions which support the task. Homework is an integral part of the schemes of learning and the context for homework is clear.

The role of the academy

  • To provide a place where homework can be completed at lunchtimes and/or after the academy day on at least three occasions per week (e.g. LRC)

The role of learners

  • To understand that homework is an integral part of learning and deserves the same attention and focus as classwork.
  • To note homework tasks and to use the academy website to check on task and completion dates so that homework is handed in at the appropriate time.
  • To set time aside where you work on homework and reflect on learning from the lesson
  • To use the LRC as a place for independent learning or subject specific homework support opportunities to ensure your homework  is given adequate time and attention.
  • To complete homework to the best of your ability and to show pride in your work. Label and date homework in books so that it is clearly identifiable.
  • To ask for support and guidance on homework tasks if you feel unsure, prior to the homework deadline

The role of parents/carers

  • To provide a quiet and appropriate place for homework to be completed.
  • To support your child and discuss and take an interest in homework tasks issued
  • To use the academy website to check on the tasks set and if possible, to assist your child with their tasks e.g. read over essays, test them on spellings, ask them questions about the topic they are studying, advise them on where to find additional resources – library, family member, older sibling, specific websites recommended by teachers.
  • To communicate with teachers if you have any concerns about homework issue, completion or marking.
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